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Product Manager

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Pendulum is recruiting a Product Manager to lead design and development of one of our supply chain AI products. You will work directly with a team of machine learning scientists, cross-functional engineers, and subject matter experts across the organization. You will engage national governments, healthcare systems, and frontline supply chain workers, and your success will create efficiency and impact around the world.


● Develop a product roadmap
● Conceptualize, scope, and prioritize new feature delivery
● Shape high-value machine learning research and integrate it into product
● Conduct user research to improve the product
● Collaborate with customers, technical teams, and leadership to identify high value pain points
● Collaborate with the sales team to drive toward PMF


●     4+ years’ experience in product management

●     Desire to work with a small team in a fast-paced, collaborative but unstructured environment

●     Open-mind and humility in solving user problems (no ego)

●     Fiercely entrepreneurial: proven ability to shape product (from deployment to features) to be an engine for growth; proven ability to create speed in the right direction with limited resources.

●     Tactical and strategic - design product as a whole so that technology become a force that creates measurable and dramatic change in the organizations where it is deployed. Our technology should deliver to our customers dramatically more impact with fewer resources.

●     Great written and verbal communication skills

●     Preferred: Experience with an early stage product

●     Preferred: Experience with AI or machine learning

●     Preferred: Experience in emerging markets