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Pendulum is a company that swings into action to solve one of the world's most pressing problems.

How do we get more from less?

Building systems that continuously generate leverage at scale.

Each resource has the potential to make a significant impact when used at the right time and place. At scale, better use of resources can have a profound impact on human lives and our planet.

This is why at Pendulum we focus on this opportunity from a Commercial, Global Health and National Security perspective.

Our products continuously work to ensure that existing resources yield more. Just like the pendulum that leverages physics to amplify small movements into larger ones, we leverage our AI-driven solutions to amplify the impact of each resource available to an organization.

Improving a single number - what you send where and when - changes everything at scale.

Born out of the most competitive environments on earth, proven in the most challenging.

We take inspiration from the most competitive and relentlessly dynamic environment on earth, financial markets, where data and advanced technologies are the only way to win.

To stress-test our technology, we've deployed in the most challenging environments on earth, where lives depend on performance.

Complex technology available in a simple API.

Spending years deploying our products in the toughest conditions has forced us to build solutions that are resilient, simple to use and fast to deploy.

A pendulum describes planetary physics with a single movement, accessible through a simple device by anyone.

Our products describe complex change with a single prediction, accessible through an API by anyone.

Our technology serves the most well-resourced customers on earth, and the least-resourced.

This is AI built for the real world.

pressing problems

Geopolitical conflict, inflation, and climate change are creating a new global volatility. The ability to get more from less is no longer a choice.