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Our Values

At Pendulum meaningful work is a luxury that we revel in, each day. We deploy our products in settings where our technology shapes lives.
Our actions carry weight.
To guide our work, we have the following values.


More leverage. Less waste.

Our team members are to Pendulum what our products are to our customers; the greatest point of leverage. By embracing technology across all that we do, we continuously find ways to do far more with what’s already in place, maximizing output while minimizing waste.


More of the world. Less of the lab.

We believe that powerful new solutions come from engaging with the complexity and ambiguity of the world, unfiltered. This means that our products work amid limited data, extreme uncertainty and unstable infrastructure. Building products to perform in imperfect settings, makes Pendulum and our solutions more resilient and creates more lasting impact.


More impact. Less time.

The work we do impacts lives and our planet. Our customers can’t wait for perfect conditions. We constantly seek to do more, better and faster. Removing bureaucracy, lengthy processes, or anything else that gets in the way of impact.


More perspectives. Less assumptions.

Meaningful problems are multidimensional. The solutions require an equivalent multitude of perspectives. Our success stems from the diversity of our team. Similar to the AI that powers our products, we learn and adapt continuously, not imposing rigid structures or assumptions.